AXCHEM Group offers a wide array of sizing agents to help papermakers improve water resistance of their products, whether it be a printing paper or packaging board that must meet a specific performance standard, such as the UN Cobb water absorption test.

Our portfolio of internal sizing agents includes a range of chemical compositions—alkyl ketene dimer (AKD) size, alkyl succinic anhydride (ASA) size and rosin size—for superior hydrophobicity, retention and distribution in acid, neutral or alkaline sizing environments. We also offer promoter resins to enhance the performance of AKD- and ASA-based internal sizing agents.

By determining the optimum paper sizing properties and paper making conditions, customers can achieve the optimal sizing performance at the lowest treatment cost.

Axchem group is

We are always there for your paper mill and its needs. We constantly monitor your operative conditions to solve a problem before it becomes an issue.

We know every industrial site is unique: we have the knowledges and the abilities to understand your needs, so we can propose you the best solution for your situation.

We know how competitive is the paper world: we face challenges every day and we are well versed in finding the best compromise between performances of our treatments and cost balance. If you ask to a customer of ours, they will tell you we are always looking for ways to make them saving money. An happy customer means a reliable one.

The environment is our first priority: we constantly study new products and application systems
to save water, energy and natural resources in general. Our products are made to help the
papermakers to increase the quantity of recycled fibers they can use producing paper
with high dry and wet strengths.​

See our distribution in the world: we are sure we are placed near you.
Every AXCHEM is locally based to give you the best assistance,
with people who speak your language but still able to bring you our global experiences.