“Providing innovative products
of the highest quality.
Offering very competitive economical conditions
and assuring the most reliable
product sources.”

 Fiorenzo Piatti : CEO of Axchem Group

Axchem Group 

Axchem Group operates in the paper sector all over the world and is your ideal partner for applications to improve retention and mechanical strength, as well water treatment and sludge thickening. Thanks to our solid experience with a huge range of polymers, we are able to supply the best products and services at highly competitive prices. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details. 

The company is present in all segments of the pulp, paper and board industry and operates throughout the World, through our solid network of highly specialised technicians.

Our collaboration with one of the world’s leading producers of polymers means that we can apply a highly competitive pricing policy whilst offering modern technologies in the polymer sector direct from highly skilled research centres that are always at the forefront of technology.

quality policy


Due to the demand from the market for improved quality standard, the AXCHEM GROUP has decided to adopt a Quality POLICY. This Policy shall introduce procedures to create a culture that will lead to a continuous improvement system and higher standards for quality.

The fundamental principles on which the Quality Policy is based are as follows…

Products / services

Our team of highly skilled field engineers supported by our on-site representative’s provide support for any equipment…

Axchem in the world

Axchem Group is present in North America and Europe through its partners and members like Axchem Nordic in Sweden, Norway and Finland, Axchem France in France, Axchem Italia in Italy and Spain, Axchem Deutschland in Germany and Netherland, Axchem UK, BM Allied in Mexico, Axchem Canada, Papchem in Turkey, Axchem USA, Axchem Brazil, Axchem China and Papyrus Polykemindo in Indonesia. 



AXCHEM has given an undertaking to all its partners that its employees will comply with rules of ethics and behavior to which it is committed. It is therefore imperative that each one of us behaves in a way which is in keeping with this spirit.

The potential for conflicts between interests on a personal level and those involving business is always present, although the laws governing the conduct of business are quite clear.


AXCHEM GROUP arises as the center of its activities the enviromental issues with the goal of paying increasing attention to the protection of the environment. Axchem Group prevents and minimizes enviromental impacts along the entire life cycle of its activities, improving the enviromental performance and so having the aim of preventing possible crimes that could result from improper use of the environment and its resources.


Axchem UK

Axchem UK completed its second stage audit and have been awarded ISO 14001 in addition to ISO 9001. Thank all the UK team for their co-operation in making this possible. With a special mention to Aimee, Julia and Martin Critchley.

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