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Axchem group product lines provides innovative solutions for the paper, tissue, packaging, and converting industries. Our products are tailor-made solutions with approvals including BfR, FDA, Nordic Swan, thus ensuring the user: high productivity, quality, safety and environmental acceptance in paper processes.

Deinking/Stock preparation

Wet End

Yankee Dryer


Wastewater Treatment

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To efficiently produce a quality sheet of paper, a papermaker must balance retention, drainage and formation.



Organic contaminants and inorganic scales can lead to several problems for papermakers, including loss of production, sheet defects and unscheduled shutdowns.



A broad selection of wet strength and dry strength additives that enhance the end-use performance of all types of papers.



A variety of defoamers and antifoams for every kind of paper mill circuits to reduce production issues  and environmental impact for paper mills operations.



A wide array of sizing agents to help papermakers improve water resistance of their products.



The Axsperse product family offers dispersant control for the paper mill circuit


AXCHEM® TISSUE Specialties

The innovative portfolios of Yankee Treatment Base and Yankee Treatment Release products.

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Axchem in the world

Axchem Group is present in North America and Europe through its partners and members like Axchem Nordic in Sweden, Norway and Finland, Axchem France in France, Axchem Italia in Italy and Spain, Axchem Deutschland in Germany and Netherland, Axchem UK, BM Allied in Mexico, Axchem Canada , Papchem in Turkey, Axchem USA, Axchem Brazil, Axchem China, Papyrus Polykemindo in Indonesia and Achem India in India.