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Who we are

Axchem Canada provides polyacrylamides, coagulants (organic and inorganic) and many other process additives (i.e.: defoamer, sizing agents, dry strengths, optical brightening agents…) to a wide variety of industries. Our primary focus is in Papermaking as well as liquid-solid separation for the treatment of industrial water and wastewater.

We carry by far the widest range of flocculants and coagulants in the industry i.e. over 1,000. No other supplier even remotely comes close to this and if necessary we will create a special product to fulfil the specific need of our customer.

Our pulp and paper division specializes in a wide range of process additives and application expertise. Our equipment division provides state of the art polymer make-down and dosing equipment for any size application. This combination of quality products, application experience, excellent service and the lowest pricing in the industry make Axchem Canada the best solution for your needs.

Axchem Canada points of strength

Core Values

Everything we do is grounded in our core values: entrepreneurship, business sense and service focus.

Worldwide Network

Optimized logistics and our global network play a central role in all our business.

A profitable, environmentally-friendly business

We have realized the best way to make better use of limited natural resources is the understanding that our business works on making recycling profitable. In other words, we do business that everyone benefits from not solely ourselves and our customers, but also the environment. It gives us twice the motivation to constantly seek new ways enabling us to get even better at our job.

Contact our staff

Frederic Perron – President and CEO

2525 Leon Trepanier

Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada, G9A5E1

Phone: (418) 930-2266

Office number: (819) 693-6886

Fax: (819) 693-6876


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