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Who we are

Axchem USA offers the US Pulp and Paper Industry the most attractive combination of Innovation, Capability and Cost.

Axchem Novel Innovation: market and process driven, enabled by application and chemistry expertise, fulfilled via our global manufacturing and sourcing base.

Capability: proficiency in customer processes and chemical applications, delivering and supporting superior solutions (products, services, and equipment)

Cost: product selection, service delivery, and logistics are balanced to provide best cost for given solution

Axchem supplies a broad and deep product range spanning water treatment, pulping, papermaking, converting, and related specialty chemical applications to the industry. This toolbox is then supplied via a full-strength field sales and service team, representing expertise across the process areas we support. The combination of products, application expertise, and low product and overhead costs allows us to provide the right product / application / service solution for most P&P industry needs at a price point that offers a savings over traditional P&P specialty chemical suppliers.

Axchem USA points of strength

Functional properties and operational efficiency

Whether you are looking for Functional Solutions such as Strength, Sizing and Optical Properties, or Process Solutions for optimal wet end performance through our broad range of retention, drainage and formation systems, contaminant control, anti-foam and water management programs, you need look no further than Axchem USA.

Our products, solutions and service

Axchem USA is a leader in water-soluble polymer products and chemistry solutions for the pulp and paper industry. Our back-integrated manufacturing position means we can provide unique, proprietary and consistent high quality products and programs backed by experienced people to enhance your manufacturing efficiency and end product performance.


Our organization is made up of trusted, experienced and knowledgeable people capable of meeting the demanding and ever evolving needs of our customers.

  • Our papermaking sales force is experienced and knowledgeable ensuring you benefit from our lowest cost business model.
  • Our field technical and applications support is a trusted resource for trouble shooting and delivering on mutually agreed success criteria.
  • Our innovative technology and products are the result of a Global R&D platform leveraging our deep resources and global market insights.


Axchem human resources deliver the right chemistry for the Paper Industry!

Axchem novel innovation

Axchem USA and Novel Industrial Solutions are announcing the combination of business operations under the Axchem USA brand to offer chemicals and solutions to the Pulp and Paper market.

This new organization joins Novel’s unique technologies, field experts, and innovative problem-solving approach to Axchem’s extensive product portfolio, proficient field team, and mill cost-savings economic model. Contact Axchem USA to learn more about what this new combination can offer your mill!”

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General Manager – Mark Zempel

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Axchem USA careers website

Axchem USA is constantly seeking talented individuals to join our team. We value hard work, creativity, integrity, and collaboration. Specifically, we seek individuals with the right set of skills, experiences, and values to fit Sales Engineer, Service Engineer, Technician, and various leadership and support roles.

Please follow this link to learn more, see our current openings, and to apply to work with Axchem USA