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Who we are

Axchem Papchem is one of the leading chemicals, FWA and colorant company for Paper Industry in Turkey and Middle East. Our motto “Value brought by colorful chemistry”, clearly defines our vision which is, value creation to our customers by our best in the class products accompanied by innovative, cost effective and sustainable solutions.

Being member of Axchem Group, not only fosters our product portfolio, by far the widest range flocculants and coagulants in the industry, also gives extensive industrial best practice library for fast and better response to customer needs.

Papchem, Member of Axchem Group, is proud of being committed to be a frontend driven company to the Paper Industry.

Axchem Papchem points of strength


These are the core values followed by our company in its application of :

  • retention systems to suit the type of paper machine and paper produced;
  • treatment systems to improve the characteristics of the paper, which are increasingly necessary due to the deterioration of raw materials such as recycled paper and the need to save precious raw materials;
  • water treatment systems ensuring the required standards for the type of effluent are maintained;
  • sludge thickening systems that provide a higher concentration of dry matter and consequently save energy and money where the sludge is used as fuel or sent to landfill.


Based on our expertise, we work with our customers on the following aspects:

  • preliminary evaluations in the laboratory to identify the conditions applying to each system and to choose the combination of products offering the best guarantee of obtaining their pre-set objectives;
  • study and set-up of reliable, continuous and flexible systems for dosage management;
  • set-up and optimisation of the new systems to be implemented;
  • continuous technical assistance tailored to suit the requirements of the paper mill and the application itself;


Observing these points ensures successful application of Axchem technology and guarantees customer satisfaction.

Contact our staff

Axchem Papchem – Aydinli Mahallesi. Melodi Sokak. Bilmo Sanayi Sitesi N°:2/60 34953 Tuzla Istanbul Turkey

 Tel: +90 216 394 0844 Fax: +90 216 394 0845
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Haşmet Tonoz, President
Telephone +90 216 639 4282 – Mobile +90 532 296 1183

Mustafa Samur, Vice President of Sales
Telephone +90 216 639 4283 – Mobile +90 533 398 1458

Arzu Cetinbahadır, Head of Operations
Telephone +90 216 394 0844 – Mobile +90 533 713 4716

Gulay Gokalp, Head of Accounting
Telephone +90 216 639 4283

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