Axchem China

Who we are

Axchem has been a committed partner to Chinese paper and water treatment industry since 2012. Focusing on our customers’ future and Providing Partnership consideration are our core business values. In accordance with these values, we access top Chinese paper companies and have gained their trust and respect through outstanding product and service.


Axchem China points of strength


Focusing on our customers’ future 关注客户的未来

Be technology and innovation oriented 以技术和革新为导向

Be Environmental driven 环境友好

Providing Partnership consideration 关注伙伴关系

Ensuring Trust and technical competences 行为和责任一致


As a private international company, Axchem states to becoming the preferred quality service partner for the Pulp & Paper industry through new technologies, new products and cost effective solutions.


Contact our staff

Our  address is: No. 5 Kaidi Industrial Park, Baisha Town
Yingde City, Guangdong Province, China

Tel: +86 0763 2665301

Fax: +86 0763 2665701


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