Axchem Group Quality

Axchem’s culture strives for excellence in its approach to all aspects of Quality. Our new Quality Policy supports this ambition, detailing our continuous improvement system developed to drive higher standards.

The fundamental principles, on which the Quality Policy is based, are as follows:

  • Meeting the needs and expectations of the customers through a clear definition of the requirements of the product / service.

  • Continuous improvement of the product and the service provided to customers, through the use of trained staff to use the appropriate equipment to carry out activities and constant monitoring of processes.

  • Constant commitment in providing identification of defects of faults, with the insight and understanding that being able to identify the causes and subsequent preventive actions can lead not only to reduce costs and waste, but also to improve the performance and the positive image of the business.

  • Continuous improvement of the Quality Management System through the analysis of the results of process monitoring and root cause analysis of problems involving both Axchem employees and customers.

  • Continuous training of staff.

The company believes that by applying these principles in day to day conduct of its business will be beneficial in terms of economic competitiveness and customer loyalty.

In this regard, the Management urges everyone in the group, beyond the specific responsibilities set out in the documents of the Quality Management System, to contribute actively to the achievement of the above objectives.

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