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DE 19801 – U.S.A.

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Axchem UK relocation and new laboratories

AXCHEM UK commenced business in 2010. The need for relocation was to improve communication and provide technical support which is essential to take the business forward.

The new location has: meeting room and office space, a Wet Lab with Pulper, Airondack, Dynamic former, Press and Dry, Schopper-Reigler, Britt Jar, Charge and Zeta meter and a Paper testing Laboratory with Tensile tester, SCT and Compression, Datacolor, Friction, Cobb, Aimsizer and Flow Cytomer.

Deinking / Stock preparation

  • Repulping Agents for Wet Strength
  • Broke Anionic Trash Catcher | Anti Stickies and Pitch Agents
  • Flocculation & Coagulation Agents
  • Cationic & Anionic Charge Donors | Charge Control
  • Dispersing Agents | Anti Scaling
  • Defoamers | Deaerators
  • Sodium Aluminate | Aluminium Nitrate
  • Catalase Inhibition | Preservative Agents
  • DIP-Cleaner
  • Sodium Silicate
  • Biocides
  • OBA