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Axchem Canada PAPTAC

The picture was taken at the annual Paper show of the Pulp and Paper Technical association of Canada (PAPTAC) in Montreal (4-7 of February).

On the picture from left to right: Matt Mangarelli + Chris Goryl of Axchem USA and Yvan Caron + Yvan Beaudet of Axchem Canada.

Thanks to them and all other colleagues that have joined to answer customer questions and trying to develop new business / strengthen customer relations.

Deinking / Stock preparation

  • Repulping Agents for Wet Strength
  • Broke Anionic Trash Catcher | Anti Stickies and Pitch Agents
  • Flocculation & Coagulation Agents
  • Cationic & Anionic Charge Donors | Charge Control
  • Dispersing Agents | Anti Scaling
  • Defoamers | Deaerators
  • Sodium Aluminate | Aluminium Nitrate
  • Catalase Inhibition | Preservative Agents
  • DIP-Cleaner
  • Sodium Silicate
  • Biocides
  • OBA