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A visit at Axchem Brasil

A group of students of the technical course of pulp and paper technology from SENAI school unit Indaial/SC visited our facilities in Brasil.

All this students already work in paper mills located around Blumenau, almost all have already heard from Axchem, and/or are already clients.  But as most of them are not connected directly to chemical application, so they were introduced to  Axchem, and we have talked about the chemicals that we develop in the market, and also showed them the stock and equipment area and equipment possibilities.

After that, they were brought to lab were Juliana’s team have shown them some analysis that we can perform in our QC lab, and our Paper Lab produced pulp, analyzed Shopper before and after refining, read PCD and Zeta, perform DDA tests with and without polymer cationic (better perform) and anionic (was worse in this case), sheet formation, and analyzed the RCT, CMT and breaking length.

Deinking / Stock preparation

  • Repulping Agents for Wet Strength
  • Broke Anionic Trash Catcher | Anti Stickies and Pitch Agents
  • Flocculation & Coagulation Agents
  • Cationic & Anionic Charge Donors | Charge Control
  • Dispersing Agents | Anti Scaling
  • Defoamers | Deaerators
  • Sodium Aluminate | Aluminium Nitrate
  • Catalase Inhibition | Preservative Agents
  • DIP-Cleaner
  • Sodium Silicate
  • Biocides
  • OBA