This is the article  published in PITA magazine: “Patented Nanocellulose  Strength Additives for Recycled Fibre”. It is the result of the cooperation between Axchem UK and the Brunel University London. “Patented Nanocellulose Strength Additives for Recycled...

Axchem Brasil @Colloquium

Axchem Brasil was present  at Colloquium, 19th International Symposium on Wood, Fibre and Puling Chemistry, Aug. 30 -Sept. 01, 2017. Porto Seguro, BA, Brazil, with the attached presentation. Axchem-Dual-Program-Drainage-and-Pitch-Control.pdf

A visit @ Axchem Brasil

A group of students of the technical course of pulp and paper technology from SENAI school unit Indaial/SC visited our facilities in Brasil. All this students already work in paper mills located around Blumenau, almost all have already heard from Axchem, and/or are...

AXCHEM UK publication

In the number 1, Spring 2018 an article was published in the “Paper Technology International” magazine by Ms. Aimee Hutton MSc,  from Axchem UK.


We are pleased to announce that on December 26th, 2017 Axchem Nordic achieved the Quality certification ISO 9001:2015 and Environmental certification ISO 14001:2015. Congratulation to all!!

AXCHEM UK Relocation and new Laboratories

AXCHEM UK commenced business in 2010. The need for relocation was to improve communication and provide technical support which is essential to take the business forward. The new location has: meeting room and office space, a Wet Lab with Pulper, Airondack, Dynamic...