Axchem France

Who we are

Axchem France started its activity in January 2008. It is a company specialized in the supply of chemicals for the paper industry, with a core business based on the chemistry of polymers. Axchem France is also able to propose a complete range of diversified products coming from various partners to give the best answers to the expectations of our customers.

  • Optical Whiteners
  • Dyestuffs
  • Pigments
  • Dispersants
  • Defoamers
  • Sizing agents
  • Others
The 5 strengths of the company

  • Skills / knowledge /Innovation
  • Simple organization /Reactivity ton the expectations of the customers
  • Cultural diversity
  • Ideal cover of the French territory
  • Service / close to customers

Floculants :

Axfloc AF-….Retention and drainage aids :
Cationic & anionic
Liquid form (oil based and W/W emulsion)

Solid form:

Powder & BeadsMicroparticular Retention systems :
Anionic/organic micropolymers
Inorganic microparticle : colloïdal silica and bentoniteCoagulants: Axfix AX…Polydadmacs
ATC, sizing promoters, dye fixatives
PAC, aluminium sulfate

Dry Strenght Resins :

Anionic, cationic, amphoteric
Liquid, powder and beads
Mono ou multi components
Hoffman degradation products
Glyoxalated product range

Defoamers : Axfoam FM…

Dispersants : Axsperse AD…

Sizing agent: Axsize SZ…


Brightening agents :

Di, tétra et hexa sulfonated
Liquid and powder (only for disulpho)

Dyestuffs :

Direct Anionics or cationics
Basic Dyestuffs

Realization of surveys and studies in order to respond to the customer’s needs

Realization of lab surveys on site or externally

Redaction of technical/commercial reports, including one or more trial proposals

Realization of industrial trials (short or long term) directly on paper machines

Supply of equipment for industrial trials

Reinforced technical service and follow up during the trial period

Regular technical service during all the period Axchem is supplying the product(s)

Strength of proposal for any developments in terms of evolution, improvement and innovation

Mikael Huet
Mobile 06 86 62 03 69

Jeremie Mirland
Mobile 06 85 53 10 10

Eric Gaudel
mobile 07 85 44 58 51

Philippe Bernard
Mobile 06 08 25 69 33

Nicolas Rigot
Mobile 06 86 45 75 47

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