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Who we are

Established in Blumenau (SC), the AXCHEM serves customers in all regions of Brazil, one of the most promising markets for pulp and paper. Their team of expert professionals is always in touch with what is most modern in terms of manufacturing through constant exchanges with partners from different parts of the world.


Such partnerships with major world producers allow the Axchem offer the market high technology products with optimal cost-benefit ratio in various areas of production, such as:

– Conversion to ASA sizing ;

– Retention and drainage projects, with specific retention chemicals.

– Collecting anionic waste from the production system ;

– Increase paper strength ( dry and wet) ;

– Defomers for various applications ;

– organic and inorganic dispersants ;

– Additives for paint coating ;

– Chemicals for coating Yankee cylinder ;

Chemicals for various industrial water treatments ( inorganic coagulants , organic , blends, decolorants, flocculants )

Please contact us to make your business grow. Surely we will help you do more and better their role! ”


EMULSIONS & DISPERSIONS (Anionic, cationic, nonionic).

POWDERS & BEADS (Cationic, anionic, nonionic).

LIQUIDS (Cationic, anionic, nonionic)





POWDER & LIQUIDS : Blends based on acrylic acid & acrylic derivatives.

ANTISCALANT LIQUIDS : acrylic derivatives


Water, Oil and Silicone based.


Lubricants, AZC, Antifoam, Dispersants


MAP, PVOH, Release, Resins


PAC, Alum, Lime, Descolorant, Nutrients

The Axchem Brazil offers a broad range of professional and customized for application of chemical services . Each unit is manufactured according to customer needs. Its proper design, installation , maintenance and attention to several details of the applications are crucial to the success of our work with clients .

We seek suppliers of equipment developed with highly specialized partners, including:

Measuring equipment for emulsion polymers and aqueous solution , such as cationic and anionic polyacrylamides , organic coagulants, antifoamers agents and others;

Preparation and dosing equipment for granulated , anionic and cationic polymers , as well as agents of resistance to dry granules ;

Skids customized dosing pumps ;

Stations of preparation and dosage of various polymers ;

Equipment for ASA emulsification with promoters .

We are assembling our test lab for paper industry , with a special forming sheets , dynamic step to provide for our customers to develop special recipes seeking improvements in physical properties of paper. The trainer dynamic leaves, unlike the usual static trainer , work enables the orientation of the fiber in the sheet formation process , and this allows to simulate more accurately the situations of the paper machines.

AXCHEM Brasil Indústria Química Ltda .
+ 55 (47) 3338 – 1010
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Armin Marx :

General Manager

47 9 9117-0151

Valmir Balchak :
SC and RS area manager / Axchem Brazil Technical manager
47 9 9173-3100

Luiz Batalha :
MG, ES and RJ area manager
47 9 9268-7334

Adriano Oliveira :
SP area manager
47 9 99167-4346

Rubens Marx :
PR and North of SC area manager
47 9 9131-1347

Dalvanilson Melo :
Representative for North e Northeast  – paper application
81 9 9996-5660

Jorge Loewen :
Industrial Water Treatment manager
47 9 9166-2667