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Who we are

BM ALLIED operates in the paper sector throughout Mexico and is your ideal partner for applications to improve retention and drainage applications, inking, water treatment and sludge thickening. Thanks to our solid experience with a huge range of polymers, we are able to supply the best products and services at highly competitive prices.

Our collaboration with one of the world’s leading producers of polymers means that we can apply a highly competitive pricing policy whilst offering modern technologies in the polymer sector direct from highly skilled research centres that are always at the forefront of technology.


We are a company specialized in chemical products for paper industry:

supplying polymers for:
– retention systems,
– systems to improve mechanical strength,
– systems for paper mill water treatment and sludge thickening
being present in all segments of the paper and board industry
operating throughout Mexico, in a solid network of highly specialized technicians; guaranteeing the most reliable sort of polymers and services the highest quality and best prices.



BM ALLIED operates in the Mexican paper sector and is present in all segments of the industry:
– retention and drainage applications
– deinking
– water treatment
– sludge thickening
– stickies control


These are the core values followed by our company in its application of :

  • retention systems to suit the type of paper machine and paper produced;
  • treatment systems to improve the characteristics of the paper, which are increasingly necessary due to the deterioration of raw materials such as recycled paper and the need to save precious raw materials;
  • water treatment systems ensuring the required standards for the type of effluent are maintained;
  • sludge thickening systems that provide a higher concentration of dry matter and consequently save energy and money where the sludge is used as fuel or sent to landfill

Based on our expertise, we work with our customers on the followin aspects:

  • preliminary evaluations in the laboratory to identify the conditions applying to each system and to choose the combination of products offering the best guarantee of obtaining their pre-set objectives;
  • study and set-up of reliable, continuous and flexible systems for dosage management;
  • set-up and optimisation of the new systems to be implemented
  • continuous technical assistance tailored to suit the requirements of the paper mill and the application itself


As well as chemical products, Axchem BM ALLIED offers a range of highly professional and personalised services. Each piece of equipment is built and tailored to suit the customer’s requirements. Constant maintenance and attention to the requirements of the various applications are crucial for our success and yours.We source equipment only from highly specialised suppliers, including:


Dosing equipment

Dosing equipment for polymers in emulsion and solution, such as cationic and anionic polyacrylamides and polyamines.

Preparation EQUIPMENT

Preparation and dosing equipment for polymer powders, both anionic and cationic.



Preparation equipment for bentonites with various characteristics.


Emulsification equipment

Emulsification equipment for ASA size with synthetic polymers.


BM ALLIED is able to supply the most complete range of products for the Mexican paper industry. Our product range can be broken down as follows.

Liquid products: Polyamines, Polyvinylamines, Polydadmac, Emulsions products:, Anionic and non-ionic emulsions (linear and structured), Linear and structured cationic emulsions, Powder/bead products, Anionic and non-ionic powders, Cationic powders, Cationic beads, Bentonites for applications with white paper and packing paper., Anionic and cationic colloidal silicas, CMC, Antifoamant, Rheological additives for coating, Acrylic dispersants.

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