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The Right Chemistry for the Paper Industry

Your Grades
Your focus is producing consistent, high quality paper, tissue or packaging grades with differentiating performance and value for your customers. Axchem USA produces much of the core chemistry you desire and provides cost effective solutions and service for all your fundamental papermaking chemistry requirements.

Functional Properties and Operational Efficiency
Whether you are looking for Functional Solutions such as Strength, Sizing and Optical Properties, or Process Solutions for optimal wet end performance through our broad range of retention, drainage and formation systems, contaminant control, anti-foam and water management programs, you need look no further than Axchem USA.

Our Products, Solutions and Service
Axchem USA is a leader in water-soluble polymer products and chemistry solutions for the pulp and paper industry. Our back-integrated manufacturing position means we can provide unique, proprietary and consistent high quality products and programs backed by experienced people to enhance your manufacturing efficiency and end product performance.
Axchem is the right chemistry for the Paper Industry!

A legacy of $aving our customers money

Axchem USA, Inc. has been serving the industry since 1983 with focus on specialty chemical manufacture, sales and service.

From our beginnings in 1983 we have grown to become Axchem USA, a valued partner and resource to our customers in the Pulp and Paper Industry. Our priorities have always been, and continue to be, the supply of quality, domestically manufactured polymeric technologies and specialty chemicals for the Pulp and Paper Industry.

We have expanded our range of products, knowledge and service to include a complimentary range of functional and process chemistry solutions to meet the demands of paper manufacture and end use product performance.

Axchem USA’s unique platform in core chemistries combines the highest quality products with the lowest possible prices. By engaging with our staff of pulp and paper professionals, you can experience how Axchem creates cost, quality and operational improvements for our customers.

Axchem is the right chemistry for achieving your financial goals!

Human Resources that deliver result$

Our organization is made up of trusted, experienced and knowledgeable people capable of meeting the demanding and ever evolving needs of our customers.

1.Our papermaking sales force is experienced and knowledgeable ensuring you benefit from our lowest cost business model.

2.Our field technical and applications support is a trusted resource for trouble shooting and delivering on mutually agreed success criteria.

3.Our innovative technology and products are the result of a Global R&D platform leveraging our deep resources and global market insights.

Axchem human resources deliver the right chemistry for the Paper Industry!

Improve performance and reduce cost$

Paper Machine

  • Retention and Drainage Aids
  • Inorganic & Organic Microparticle Systems
  • Dry Strength Resins
  • Deposit Control
  • Sizing Agents & Emulsifications Polymers
  • Scale Control
  • Dye Fixatives and Optical Brighteners
  • Dye Fixation
  • OBA Quencher


  • Coating Dispersants
  • Rheology Modifiers / Thickeners
  • Non-Skid Products
  • Foam Control

Water Treatment, Waste Treatment & Utilities

  • Sludge Dewatering Flocculants
  • Water Treatment Flocculants
  • Polyacrylamide
  • All product forms: Liquid, Solution, Emulsion, Dry
  • Inorganic/Organic Coagulants
  • PAC, ACH
  • Polyamines, Polydadmac
  • White Liquor/Green Liquor Clarification Flocculants

AXSTRENGTH® Dry Strengths

  • GPAM traditional, Super, new technology hybrid, on-site generated
  • PVAM traditional, high MW
  • Acrylates

AXFLOC® Flocculants

  • (Dry, Emulsion, Liquid)
  • Cationic
  • Anionic
  • Nonionic/Amphoteric

AXFIX®, AXQUAT® and AXPAC™ Coagulants

  • Polyamine
  • Polydadmac
  • Co-polymers
  • Mannichs
  • Inorganics PAC/ACH/Blends

AXPERSE® Scale Inhibitors and Coating Dispersants

  • Sodium polyacrylate
  • Custom formulations

AXFIX® Dye Fixatives and Axchem OB® Optical Brighteners

  • Coagulants
  • Specialty Fixatives
  • Tetra, hexa, and Disulpho OBA
  • Fluorescence Quenchers

AXSIZE® Sizing Agents

  • AKD
  • ASA Emulsifiers Polymers, GPAM, Blends


  • Polyflex
  • AXITE™ Bentonite
  • AXSIL™ Silica
  • Micro-flocculants

AXFOAM® Defoamers

  • Foam Control
  • Deaerators
  • Specialty and Coating Anti-foams
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