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Axchem Deutschland was founded as HWT in 1979 today it is a team of highly specialised application engineers for the development of solutions for the paper industry, water and waste water technology. Under the brand name POLYSINTH we provide chemicals for these applications. Customer-oriented laboratory and business operation analysis generally precede an offer submission. Permanent customer liaison and support as well as our service for optimising the recommended utilization are our strengths. Adequate laboratory and storage facilities are the guarantee for a quick and quality service provision. Axchem Deutschland is certified ISO 9001:2015.




Plant Engineering:

  • Devices and machines for solid / liquid separation in waste water technology

Paper Technology

  • Tools for the manufacture of paper and paperboard

Waste water technology

  • Products for physical, chemical and biological waste water cleaning applicable in local authorities and industry.

Laboratory and process consulting:

  • Analysis, expertise and process optimization for municipalities and industry.
Paper Technology

The AXCHEM DEUTSCHLAND paper additives include basic chemicals, specialty products and tailor-made for the manufacture of pulp, paper and cardboard. For detailed information see our leaflets and safety data sheets, and the writings Info Paper Industry – Info PI. The AXCHEM DEUTSCHLAND -sales representatives specialize in problem solving and process optimization in the paper industry.
The application engineers are available on request at an advisory capacity. Supporting laboratory and field tests are part of our daily work. The proper technique contributes to the success of operating performance of our products. For this, we have test sections for process water analysis, continuous particle charge meters, and gauges to study the water cycle. This paper mobile laboratory will help determine the most economical product for you and we will ensure the smooth running of our paper additives.

Paper additives Basic chemicals:

  • Bentonite
  • Aluminum silicates
  • Dispersant
  • PAC / AI – nitrate / aluminate
  • Polymers for thickening
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Cleaner
  • Urea
  • Phosphoric


  • Retention aid
  • Drainage aids
  • Fixer
  • Sizing agents
  • Wet strength
  • Defoamers
  • Deinking aids
  • Biocides
  • Flotation

Customized products:

  • Optical brighteners
  • DIP-C-C soap with a defined chain length
  • Water-soluble polymer
  • Aluminum silicates for closed circuits
  • Adjuvant for cooking starch
  • Selectively acting flocculant
  • Micro polymer particle system
  • Co-binder
  • Rheology of coating colors
  • Means for odor control
  • H2O2 Stabilized
  • Decolorization aids
  • Means for increasing the volume of paper


        • Measurement paths for process analysis
        • SCD-Continuous charge measurement
        • CST-measurement of the filter resistance
        • Mobile paper laboratory

Sewage Technology

AXCHEM DEUTSCHLAND supplies under the name AXFLOC flocculants
for flocculation and separation of solid inorganic and / or organic ingredients with facilities for solid / liquid separation. It is specially manufactured products in solid and liquid forms with different charge strengths, cargo types and molecular weights. Our product range also includes inorganic precipitating agents on the basis of polyaluminium (PAC) and product combinations with organic cationic polymers to improve performance of sewage. Among specialties, we provide solid and liquid splitting agent in the treatment of waste waters, which are burdened with dispersions, emulsions, and colors. Similarly are defoamers for foam destruction and foam prevention.
The AXCHEM DEUTSCHLAND – sales representatives will help you with problem solving and process improvement in municipal and industrial waste water treatment. Supporting laboratory and field tests are part of our daily work. By using the appropriate measurement we determine the most economical product for you and ensure the smooth application. For detailed information see our wish and safety data sheets and the information “Polysinth in practice – Info Prax.


The Form:
Solid product
Emulsion polymer
Solution polymer

The ionic character:

Polysinth splitting agent
Polysinth for biogas plants
Polysinth Defoamers
Oil free Flocculants
Filter aid

Precipitation and coagulation aids:

Inorganic precipitation agent on the basis of polyaluminium and aluminum nitrate.
Aluminum compounds with organic cationic polymers to improve performance of wastewater and circulatory systems.

Low molecular weight organic anionic and cationic polymers for precipitation and dual metering.

SCD – Continuous charge measurement
CST – measurement of the filter resistance

Plant Engineering

AXCHEM DEUTSCHLAND delivers solvents and dosing machinery for its products. Many solid and liquid product types need to be solved prior to use, diluted or treated specially. We will help in the selection of appropriate equipment.
By using a suitable mixer tube, the use of our products are in optimal conditions.
Whether you need to thicken a drum or the sludge to be dewatered by a belt filter press, decides the requirement profile. We are happy to advise you.

AXCHEM DEUTSCHLAND provides solid and liquid column for the treatment of waste waters, which are burdened with dispersions, emulsions, and colors. To optimize the chemical dosage is our special tube mixer available. The resulting solids can be separated in cracking plants. By pneumatic pulse systems (Pulsair), large tank volumes are mixed perfectly.


Large volume mix economically

The homogenization of extremely large volume tank or of particularly difficult products with high viscosity or very high solids prepared with mechanical systems are often significant problems. For such applications are suitable pneumatic pulse Pulsaire systems.

Belt filter press

Since 1994, the new generation of Monobelt – belt filter press with great success for the continuous drainage of large quantities of sludge on municipal wastewater treatment plants and many industrial applications is used. The combination of pre-thickener (drum) and a special filter cloth, this machine is simple construction, despite other complex machinery in nothing.

Dissolving and dosing

Many processes need to be dosed chemicals released before the dose, diluted or treated according to specific methods. AXCHEM DEUTSCHLAND supplies equipment for processing of liquid and powder flocculants and provides special equipment to customer specifications.

Tubular reactor
Mobile -tube reactor

The AXCHEM DEUTSCHLAND -tube reactor can treat wastewater in continuous operation. Applications include wastewater treatment for their multiple dosing chemicals are needed.

These include:
Coagulant e.g. PolyDADMAC or polyaluminum chloride (PAC)
Flocculants such as for example Polyacrylamide ‘Polyacrylate (Polysinth – types)
Acids and bases for pH regulation
Adsorbents such as betonite or activated charcoal.

Laboratory and Process

Optimization process of paper making
Laboratory studies on the solid / liquid separation
Water cycle report
Development of customized specialty chemicals for process optimization in paper manufacturing, industrial and municipal ARA

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