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Who we are

Axchem Canada provides polyacrylamides, coagulants (organic and inorganic) and many other process additives (i.e.: defoamer, sizing agents, dry strengths, optical brightening agents…) to a wide variety of industries. Our primary focus is in Papermaking as well as liquid-solid separation for the treatment of industrial water and wastewater.
We carry by far the widest range of flocculants and coagulants in the industry i.e. over 1,000. No other supplier even remotely comes close to this and if necessary we will create a special product to fulfil the specific need of our customer. Our pulp and paper division specializes in a wide range of process additives and application expertise. Our equipment division provides state of the art polymer make-down and dosing equipment for any size application. This combination of quality products, application experience, excellent service and the lowest pricing in the industry make Axchem Canada the best solution for your needs.

Core Values

Everything we do is grounded in our core values: entrepreneurship, business sense and service focus.

Worldwide network
We optimized logistics and our global network play a central role in all our business.

A profitable, environmentally-friendly business
We have realized the best way to make better use of limited natural resources is the understanding that our business works on making recycling profitable. In other words, we do business that everyone benefits from not solely ourselves and our customers, but also the environment. It gives us twice the motivation to constantly seek new ways enabling us to get even better at our job.

Axchem offers the widest range of polyacrylamides on the market with over 500 different grades varying in molecular weight, charge densities and monomers.

Product range:

Polyacrylamides: (anionic, cationic, nonionic, amphoteric; Linear, branched or highly branched).
Waste water treatments: Flocculants.
Potable water treatments: Flocculants.
Contaminated soil: Flocculants.
Pulp and Paper: retention, drainage, wet and dry strength resins.-
Agriculture: soil conditionner.
Textile industry: thickener, softener.
Food industry: Clarification, Deshydratation .
Cosmetics and personal care: air-conditioners, thickener.

Agriculture: water retention.

Water treatments: production of potable water
Waste water treatments: clarification.
Latex: coagulants

Water treatments: production of potable water
Waste water treatments: Clarification
Personal Care: air-conditioners

Dicyandiamides Resins:
Water treatments: coagulants, color removal.
Paper: coagulants, anionic trash catcher
Textile industry: fixatives agents, Polyvinylamine.

Pulp and papers:

– Sizing additives (emulsifier)
– Softeners.
– Inlet & outlet water clarification.
– Deposit control.
– Deinking agent.
– sludge thickening/dewatering agent.
– Retention & drainage aid.
– Wetting agent “Rewet”
– AKD / ASA.
– Defoamer.
– Optical Brightening Agent.
– Bentonites.
– Biocides.
– Biodispersing agents.
– CMC.
– Inorganic & organic coagulant.
– Felt & roll conditionner.
– Odor control.
– pH control.
– Colloidal silica.

– Retention aid (fiber, fines & fillers).
– Drainage aid
– Single component retention system.
– Dual or multi components system.
– Anionic trash catcher.
– Sizing emulsifier.
– Waste water treatment plant.
– Sludge dewatering.

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Axchem Canada’s mission is to provide the most efficient solutions for the pulp and paper industry by providing the highest quality and most competitive products and prices in the industry in order to maintain its place as Canada’s’ leading chemical supplier.

Axchem Canada is committed to continuous improvement in all of their activities, supported by highly qualified personnel, fully engaged in maximizing customers’ satisfaction.

This ultimate goal must be reached by the next 5 pillars optimization:

Pillar 1. Customer approach: Exceed Customer needs and targets through clearly defined service targets and product offerings

Pillar 2. Raw materials and equipment: Continuous improvement of services and products to customers, using high quality products, qualified suppliers and the proper equipment in order to fulfill these activities

Pillar 3. Recognized products quality and brand name: Continuous engagement towards non-conformities or manufacturing defects, the preventative measures and the understanding of their potential causes in order to reduce not only the related cost and loss, but also to improve the performance and the positive image of the company

Pillar 4. Quality system: Continuous improvement of the quality management system, under ISO 9001 requirements, performing key processes monitoring and root cause analysis with involvement and input of employees, suppliers and customers.

Pillar 5. Human resources: Continuous qualification and training of the personnel

The company considers that the application of these principles in all daily activities is beneficial in terms of developing business competitiveness and customer loyalty. The goal of quality achievement is Management driven and all employees must adhere actively.